144W Flexible Solar Panel

144W Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Flexible Solar Panel

Type PVL144    22L
Standard Test Conditions - ( 1000 W/m²,  AM 1.5,  25C Cell Temperature )
Maximum Power Pmax (W) 144
Voltage at Pmax Vmp (V) 33
Current at Pmax Imp (A) 4.36
Short-circuit Current Isc (A) 5.3
Open-circuit Voltage Voc (V) 46.2
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature - ( 800 W/m²,  AM 1.5, 1 m/sec. wind , 46C )
Maximum Power Pmax (W) 111
Voltage at Pmax Vmp (V) 30.8
Current at Pmax Imp (A) 3.6
Short-circuit Current Isc (A) 4.3
Open-circuit Voltage Voc (V) 42.2
Length mm 5486
Width mm 394
Area A 2.16
Power density unit area p-A W/m² 66.62
Weight W Kg 7.7
Power density unit weight p-w W/Kg 18.70
Cell Area (356239) Acell 1.8718
Available Area (336239) AAA 1.7667
Available Area Efficiency AAE % 8.15%
Module Efficiency modul % 6.7%

Performance Characteristcs:

Encapsulation: Durable ETFE high light-transmissive polymer

Adhesive: Ethylene propylene copolymer adhesive sealant with microbial inhibitor

Cell Type: triple junction amorphous silicon solar cells

Qualifications and Safety: Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for electrical and fire safety

(Class A Max. Slope 2/12, Class B Max Slope 3/12, Class C Unlimited Slope fire ratings) for use in systems up to 600 VDC.

Output Cables:2.5 mm2 cable with weatherproof DC-rated quick-connect terminals 560 mm length


High Temperature and Low Light Performance

25 Year Warranty on Power Output at 80%

Quick-Connect Terminals and Adhesive Backing

Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance

UL 1703 Listed to 600 VDC, IEC 61646 v1 certified, IEC 61646 v2 and 61730, TUV certification pending



1. Flexible

V-laminates offer freedom of design to architects as they can even conform to curved surfaces and hence are meeting the increasing

demand for aesthetically pleasing building integrated PV (BIPV).


2. Lightweight

Lightweight PV laminates are particularly suited for retrofitting of existing buildings or applications, where additional weight and/or wind

load are critical to the statics of a building or structure.


3. No-Glass

No Glass PV-laminates in ground-mounted PV installations reduce sub-construction requirements and total system costs substantially.


4. Durable

Durable PV-products encapsulated in UV stabilized, weatherresistant polymers have proven themselves over decades under the most extreme

conditions imaginable, including satellites, ocean buoys and military applications.


5. Shadow Tolerant

Shadow tolerant PV products offer higher outdoor performance in low and diffuse light conditions due to higher absorption of light in the blue

 wavelength range. The thin film PV Solar Panels can deliver power even when partially shaded or soiled.


6. High Temperature Performance

Thin Film Flexible PV products render better energy yield at high module temperatures and in warm climates. Under real outdoor conditions, module

temperature can be up to 80 celsius degree, especially if they are building integrated and directly in the sun.

At these temperatures, the thin film PV-products can yield up to 20 % more electricity compared to conventional crystalline solar modules of the same power rating.


7. More KWh-higher ROI

Thin film flexible PV products achieve higher kWh energy output per Wp installed than most

conventional crystalline products. Make the most out of your photovoltaic investment.


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