5W Mono Solar Module

5W Mono Solar Module

• Maximum Power (Pm) :5W 
• Working Voltage (Vmp):17.2V 
• Working Current (Imp) :310mA 
• Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) :21.6V 
• Short Circuit Current (Isc) :340mA 
• Dimension:290*180*17mm 
• Type:Monocrystalline silicon solar cell 
• Frame: Silver anodized aluminum 
• Model No.: LQ-M5W 
Warranty: Peak Power is not less than 90% in 10 years and 80% in 20 years

Typical commercial applications:   
-Remote telemetry, instrumentation systems, security sensors,   
-Electric fencers,land-based navigation aids and electronic product.   
-Grid tied system - off grid power station   
-Private residences - Water pumping   
-Telecommunication - Road lights   
-Traffic signaling   


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