5000W Solar Power Inverter

5000W Series Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter 
Model No.  IN5000-112A1  IN5000124A1  IN5000148A1  IN5000112B2  IN5000-124B2  IN5000-148B2 
Output  AC voltage  110V10%  220V10%  
Rated power  5000W  5000W 
Peak power  10000W  10000W  
Waveform (THD)  Pure sine wave (<3%)  Pure sine wave (<3%) 
Frequency  60Hz 0.3%  50Hz 0.3% 
Input  NO load current draw  <3A  <3A  <3A  <3A  <3A  <3A  
DC voltage  12V  24V  48V  12V  24V  48V 
Voltage range  10.8~15VDC  21~30VDC  41~56VDC  10.8~15VDC  21~30VDC  41~56VDC 
Efficiency  > 90%  > 90% 
DC connector  Cables With Clips or Car Adaptor  Cables With Clips or Car Adaptor 
Protection  Low voltage alarm  10.210.8V  20.4V  40.8V  10.210.8V  20.4V  40.8V 
Low voltage shut down  DC 9.5V  DC 19.5V  DC 38.5V  DC 9.5V  DC 19.5V  DC 38.5V 
Over load  Shut Off Output  Shut Off Output 
Over voltage shut down  DC 15.5V  DC 30.5V  DC 61.2V  DC 15.5V  DC 30.5V  DC 61.2V 
Over thermal  Shut Off Output Automatically Shut Off Output Automatically 
Fuses  Short Circuit  Short Circuit 
Environment  Working temperature  -10~+50 celsius degree -10~+50 celsius degree
Working humidity  10%~90%RH  10%~90%RH 
Storage temperature  -20c ~ +50c  -20c ~ +50c 
Package  Machine Size(mm)  544*199*146 
Packing Size(mm)  620*270*215 
Net Weight  11.9kg/unit 
Gross Weight  13.7kg/unit 
Packing Mode  Carton 
Other  Start  Soft Start 
Cooling Ways  Cooling Fan 
Pure sine wave output (THD<3%)
Power ON-OFF switch
Input voltage range:-15% ~ +25%
Output voltage regulation:10%
Thermo control cooling fan
Two-color indicators display power and fault status
Protections:short circuit, overload, over temperature, low
battery voltage, over battery voltage, lack-voltage alarm.
Topology: Microprocessor
Approvals: RoHS / CE / EMC / LVD
1 year warranty


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