Full-automatic Setting System

the system consists of 6 sets of equipment of lengthened automatic stripe cutting machine, ZQP36 automatic blank cutting machine, GD automatic transition machine, MPJ automatic setting machine, FPJ blank separating machine and automatic turning vehicle of drying car.
Advantages: a, high yield; the maximum yield of the system exceeds 20,000 standard pieces / hour, while the maximum yield of domestic similar products is below 15,000 standard pieces / hour; b, accurate positioning and small mud; the system takes the approach of soft start and soft stop with electrode, thus having low impact on mud and accurate positioning. The domestic similar products mostly adopt baffle positioning methods, which have strong impact on mud, thus the front mud is severely distorted because of impact; c, transition is added to avoid shutdown when the mud is too quick;  d, blank balloon folder is taken to avoid drooping blank and damage of plate to the surface of blank; e, the dispatching modes by turning of drying car not only saves time but also adds stability during the operation of setting machines; f, energy- saving, small power, steady work; the automatic setting hydraulic system adopts the operating mode of energy storage container and single drive to avoid frequent start of motor.


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