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JINAN LINQUAN ALUMINUM COMPANY engage in production and sales of various kinds of aluminum decorative material for more than 10 years,Linquan Industry has obtained good fame and high reputation both domestic and abroad.
Main category include:
PE and PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel:
Marble Aluminum Composite Panel
Nano Aluminum Composite Panel;
Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel;
Brush Aluminum Composite Panel;
Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel;
Stainless steel Composite Panel;
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel;
Marble Honeycomb Panel;
Stainless steel honeycomb Panel;
Aluminum Veneer;
Painted Aluminum foil.
All products have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We are also able to produce according to clients¡¯special requirement.
Favorable Agency Policy is provided.

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