Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Fire proof Aluminum Composite Panel
A2 Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel (A2ACP) is an advanced noninflammable wall decoration material, using noncombustible inorganic material as core, and alloying aluminum panel that is protected by the PVDF layers as the surface, which perfect combination by advanced technology. So it's a new generation wall-decoration material which fashionable, performance superior and construct convenient.
Each performance of the Fireproof ACP has passed the tests of National Center for Building Quality Supervision, reached the national standard GB/T17748 of and also passed the test of National Fireproof Building Materials Center(NFTC), come up to the standard GB8624£­2006 A2-s1.d0.t0 degree(NO.200910320) of .
Thickness£¨T£©3mm 4mm 6mm
Width£¨W£©1220mm 1575mm
Safe & Fire Resistant
LQTRADE Fire Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel reaches A2-S2,dO,tO grade according to the national standard GB 8624-2006 , with non-combustible inorganic core material, which will not get fire and then resist fire spread while a building gets fire.
Environmentally Friendly
It meets the national standards on green and environment protection for construction materials with the characteristics of innocuity, no halogen no smoke, noncombustible, no poison, odorless, heat-and sound-insulating, etc.
Weather Resistant & Anti-pollution
Coated with PVDF which is composed of HYLR5000 or KYNAR500. It is good anti-aging for oxygen and light-heat, strong durability in high and low temperatures, waterproof and moisture proof.
Convenient Installation & Easy Maintenance
With lightweight, high bending strength A2ACP, can be made into hyperbola shape. its physical specification can fully meet the properties of GB/T17748-2008(ACP).
Process Ability
It possesses powerful performance of normal ACP for construction and processing and can satisfy designers' special requirement.
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