Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Facades

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Facades



1.      Environmental friendly. Aluminum honeycomb panel is totally made by aluminum

material, which will not emit any kind of poisonous gas.

2.      Light weight, hyper strength, good rigidity, stable structure , wind pressure resistant.

15mm thick panel with 1mm face weighs only 6 Kg per sqm. With the same rigidity, the aluminum honeycomb panel¡¯s weight is only fifth of solid aluminum panel¡¯s, while one tenth of steel panel¡¯s.Even if honeycomb panel is large size, it can still keep superb flatness.

3.      Sound proof, thermal insulation, fireproof and shake damping.

4.      Striking flatness, various colors.

5.      Good decoration effect, easy and fast installation.

6.      It is available to produce different thickness panels according to customers¡¯ request. For example, maximum 600mm thickness for high-rise building cladding, minimum 4mm for low building façade or interior decoration.


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