Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Sign Panel

Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel white Mat Color

ACM Digital Printing Signboard specification
Aluminum Alloy AA1100 series
Aluminum Skin 0.20*0.20mm or 0.30*0.30mm
Overall thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
Width 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Length 2440mm, 3200mm, 5000mm
Surface finishing Improved Polyester paint special for UV printing
Color White matt only

Special advantages that distinguish digital printing ACM from other advertising panels:

1)Digital printing aluminum composite panels, along with KT Panels, foamed PVC sheets, acryli panels, glass, pure aluminum panels,

ceramic tiles, stone and wood boards are matmerials for advertising decoration. However, the superior performance of digital printing

aluminum composite panels are gaining increasing recognition.

2)Superior deimension precision: small dimensional tolerance in length, width, thickness, diagonal and angularity.

3)Convenient and diversified processing: applicable for digital flat cutting and molding. Easy for processing of arc-bending, punching,

arc-pressing, bolting and rivetting. Easy for large section assembly, with smooth overall apprearance and good integrity.

4)Excellent physical properties: high surface flatness, hardness, rigidity and strength, low areal density.

5)Excellent chemical properties: excellent chemical stability, such as high performance of acid, alkali, oil and salt resistance.

6)Diversified specifications: the max width can be made up to 1000mm ~ 2000 mm, and the max length can be up to 6m; with the aid of section

assembly of digital printing aluminum composite panel, the large scale overall section assembly for sections of any size could be realized.

7)Long service life: no disqualified status such as coming off of the coating shall happen after 10 years interior use.

Range of working temperature: -30 ~ 70 celsius degree

8)Highly economical: convenient for flat transportation, processing, and molding; low expenses in transportation, construction and management.

9)Highly environment-friendly: this product is in conformity with CE certification as well as RoHS Certification and is recyclable.

10)Special advantages that distinguish this product from ordinary aluminum-plastic panels.

1. Exhibition Advertisement
2. UV Digital Printing-Painting
3. Lamp Columns
4. Vertical Letters
5. Curtain wall
6. Interior Decoration
7. Gas Station
8. Show Room
9. Outdoor Ads
10. Screen Printing Posters


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