LQ/LV 50(150 180) Slide plate

Properties of LQ/LV50(150) slide gate plate

This product adopts tabular alumina, carbonaceous material and zirconia-containing material as main raw materials, adds in high performance antioxidants, uses phenolic resin as binder, formed under high-pressure and burned under high temperature. The slide plates have the advantages of high strength, good erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good stability etc., mainly used in large and medium-sized ladle.

Alumina Zircon Carbon material
Al-Zr-C Material
Al2O3 C ZrO2 Apparent porosity Bulk density C.C.S
(% minm) (% minm) (% minm) (% max) (gm./cc minm) (MPa minm)
85 3 4 7 3.1 120
Alumina Carbon material
Al-C Material
Al2O3 C Apparent porosity Bulk density C.C.S
(% minm) (% minm) (% max) (gm./cc minm) (MPa minm)
90 3 9 3.00 120


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